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In the text “The Benefits of Nuclear Energy”, Colomby Bruno (2008) supports that “is the only soource of enery that can replace a significant part of the fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) which massively pollute the athmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse effect” (para.1). Using gas, oil or coal for human needs have been forming may problems for whole the world as these structures pollute air and environent. I completely support the author’s positive opinions about nuclear poer due to it’s certain advantages and positive effects for nature.Take a look at our website for sale ads.May see on our real estate ads.

To begin with, about the cost and stabelity sides of Nuclear power. When coal costs and usage in the past is thught, there will clearly appear that coal costs have been increasing by year by which makes people in a difficult stuation; however, nuclear power is not like coal or others. Firstly, nuclear power is the best source for our budget. Hw can i say this, certainly? There is a research about this subject, OECD study. There are thirteen countries which use whole types of energies in a year (2001), in this study. The rsult is so surprised me that there is a huge difference between nuclear power, coal and gas costs. To illustrate, in Belgium, nuclear power cost is 6.1 c/kWh while coal is 8.2 c/kWh and gas is 9.0 c/kWh. Morever, this difference is bigger in China is that while nuclear power cost is 3.6 c/kWh, coal is 5.5 c/kWh (table 4-1). These results show that nuclear energy is cheaper tha others therefore people can use it safely and easly for their nature and especially budget. Morover, nuclear power limits the electricity cost, that is, when people use different amounts electricity. In Finland, a research was done in 2003 about ths. Result of this research shows that there is clear difference between nuclear powr and other types of energy. While gas is used, electricity price increases to 3.92; however, nuclear power decreases this price to 2.37. The most interesting result of the study is that wind using makes prices 5.01. Can you see the huge difference? Secondly, nuclear energy is stable ,that is, it is useful and safe for nature of human. Marvin Fertel, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Chef Nuclear Officer, in his talks about the Clean Air and Climate Change of the US, he says that they thought public health and safety . In addition to this, they try to avoid environment pollution. His statement is really absorbing that nuclear plants provides consumers and businesses with a high degree of forward prices stability.Take a look at our website for sale ads.You can look at the ads for sale on our site.May see on our real estate ads.Take a look at the category of Vehicles on our website.


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